Before & Afters

Custom Tray Ceiling Razor Sharp Lines

Superior Craftsmanship...

To start this custom tray ceiling interior paint job, I prepped the area by removing the curtains, taping off the windows and floors, and moving all of the furniture to the center of the room. Once the area was prepped, I started the job by sanding all of the walls to remove blemishes such as bulges, sags and general unevenness. Next I sanded the walls so they were all completely smooth, I spackled any cracks or holes left behind from picture frames.


After sanding and spackling are complete, the final step is to paint. First, I carefully painted the ceiling, making sure there are no drips or uneven coating. Once the ceiling is complete, I painted the cut in section and finally working my way down to the flat walls. The ceiling, cut in and tray walls all received 2 coats of paint. When the paint completely dried, I hung the curtains, put switch plates back on and then moved the furniture back to the proper place.

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High Foyers Being Careful and Neat

Giving Great End Results...

Another one of my custom interior paint jobs, this time in a high foyer. The high foyer made the job a bit difficult, as I had to work on a ladder the entire time, but it came out beautifully. First, as always, I start by prepping the area. In this case that meant taping off the 1 window, as well as adjusting the light fixture so it was not in the way.

Once prep work was complete, I started the foyer interior paint job by sanding the walls and ceiling to ensure a smooth and even surface to apply the paint. I also spackled some minor cracks in the walls and filled several nail pops left behind from the previous light fixture. Then, I caulked all of the seams around the crown molding and shadow boxes. Finally, I began painting: I started with the ceiling, painted the trim to create the shadow boxes and painted the walls around the shadow boxes. Each element received 2 coats of paint. Once the paint was dry, I adjusted the light fixture back to its appropriate place and put the room back together.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Saving Thousands

For a Like New Look ...

Kitchen cabinet painting is truly one of my favorite jobs. It is the easiest way to transform your kitchen into something completely different without having to spend thousands on brand-new cabinets and labor. The first step to painting cabinets is to sand them down to the bare wood so I am working on a clean slate. For this particular job, after sanding I applied a hybrid bonding primer to ensure superior adhesion. After priming I filled all of the holes and caulked where needed. Then, I used a shellac primer to stop stains from bleeding through. Finally, I applied 2 coats of paint then an oil modified latex satin finish for a beautiful gloss and shine.

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Repairing Smoke Damage Restoring Your Home

Back to being Clean And Fresh Again...

Definitely one of the more challenging jobs, smoke damage is a multi-step process that takes a lot of patience. From my 20+ years in the industry, I have really come to know and understand the process of restoration, as well as understand the materials I am working with. But as you can see from the before and after, it is well worth the time as I will have your walls looking even better than before.

The first step in this smoke damage restoration includes using a tri-sodium phosphate to remove all of the soot from the walls. Once the soot was gone, I palm sanded all of the damaged areas then applied a shellac primer to block any stains from seeping through the paint. I also spackled where needed to fill in any holes or cracks. Then, I applied 2 coats of color tinted latex primer and 1 coat of flat wall paint to create a stunning finish.

New Construction Sheetrock & Spackle

Painting By A Pro...

After the new sheetrock was hung, this was a relatively easy interior bathroom paint job. First, I started with taping off the vents and windows. Then I taped everything from the walls including mirrors,  towel rocks and the medicine cabinet. Once the prep work was complete, I moved on to the paint process which consisted of spackling, primer then a finish coat.

I used spackle to fill the holes left behind from the mirrors and cabinets, as well as fix any cracks in the drywall. I followed up with a coat of primer to ensure the paint has a good surface to stick to. Finally the finish coat of paint was applied. Once the paint was dry, the tape was removed and all of the new fixtures were put back onto the walls.

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Detailed Trim work Precise Painting

Superior End Results...

As a master painter with over 20 years of experience, detailed trim work is one of my specialties. I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them select the two colors – 1 for the trim, 1 for the walls that will go well together. Since I am painting two parts of the same wall, it is a bit time consuming, but well worth it when you see the finished results.

For this detailed trim work interior paint job, I started by sanding the trim. Once the trim was sanded I applied 2 coats of shellac primer, which blocks any old paint color from seeping through. After the primer dried, I filled several holes with painters putty then caulked around the edges of the trim. Once dried, I applied 2 coats of oil modified latex semi-gloss finish paint to both the trim and the walls for a super glossy appearance.

Painting Wall Units From Stain to Paint

For A Brand New Look...

This custom built-in bookshelf paint job was very similar to the detailed trim work. A bit more time consuming in that I had to remove all of the hardware and doors, but you’ll see the finished result breathes new air into the room. It came out spectacular and is one of my most favorite works.

To prep for a custom built-in bookshelf paint job, I first had to remove the doors and hardware. Once removed, I sanded the walls and trim then applied 2 coats of shellac primer. After the primer dried, I filled in the holes from the hardware with painters putty. Finally, 2 coats of oil modified latex semi-gloss finish paint was applied to the walls and shelving. As you can see, this really helped to make the red pop alongside the white.

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Pergola And Pool House New Wood Construction

Superior Results...

Outdoor structures take a bit more time and consideration when it comes to the painting process, because I have to factor in the weather. Wind, rain, sun exposure and snow all play different factors into how long the paint will last and the types of materials available. For this particular outdoor structure, I laid a protective cloth sheet over the patio, then began the painting process by applying 2 coats of exterior oil primer. Once the primer dried, wood spackle was used to fill in all holes. Caulk was used to fill all of the seams and ensure protection from rain and snow. Finally, I painted the exterior with 2 coats of exterior latex finish paint.

Strip Wood Ceiling Re-stain Back To Life

Protection For Years To Come...

Wood staining is another method of painting used when you want to repurpose existing wood furniture. In this case, I repurposed a wood ceiling, but I have experiencing staining cabinets, chairs, bookshelves and much more. Whether it is a ceiling or piece of furniture the concept is generally the same. For this particular project, I started by using an orbit sander to remove the old stain and get down to the bare wood. Next, I used bleach to kill any remaining mold and prevent new growth. Finally, I used 2 coats of solid oil deck stain to create a beautiful and natural finish.

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Window Porch Restore To Original Condition

Quality That Lasts...

A fresh coat of paint will transform your space, take a look at the before and after of this exterior window porch if you don’t believe me. What started as worn and uninviting was instantly upgraded to vibrant and welcoming – all with a few coats of paint applied with a lot of passion. I started by sanding the entire porch and railings to get down to the bare wood. Afterwards, I caulked a few places where it needed a fresh seal. To finish it off, two coats of exterior finish paint were applied to create the vivid look you’ll see in the after photo.

Exterior Painting Skilled, Neat And Experienced

Painting Done Right...

The prep work on an exterior home painting job is very important and cannot be overlooked. All windows must be taped off and protective covers must be placed and secured over shrubs, brush and walkways. While my work is always neat, taking every precaution to prevent drips and spills, the weather is not always kind and wind could spray paint in unwanted places. That being said, prep work for exterior painting takes up quite a bit of time, but is well worth it in the end to protect your property.

This particular exterior paint job included the trim and shutters. First, I started by sanding the door and all of the shutters. Once sanding was complete, I applied an exterior primer tinted to color over the entire home. One coat of finish paid was used on the shutters, 2 coats on the doors. With a protective seal built right in the paint and primer, this home will maintain its new color and shine for several years.

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