Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

There is much more to know and consider when it comes to exterior painting compared to interior painting. Besides the various different types of surfaces and conditions to contend with, exterior painting professionals must know the right products for the job, take the time to prep the area correctly, then apply the proper application of primer and finish coats. When an exterior master painter such as myself takes the time to consider all of the above, it makes all the difference in the world.

The painting of the exterior of your home can be considerably expensive, be sure that it is done correctly. Call Painting by Neal for exterior painting projects and rest easy knowing that absolute professionals are giving your home the best protection from the elements. Every exterior project starts with thorough preparation of the surface I will be painting. In fact, a majority of my time on most exterior projects is spent preparing the surface for paint. When this all-important step is done correctly, the paint looks better and lasts longer.

Painting by Neal’s Basic Steps for Exterior Painting

Sand and Wash: Paint won’t adhere to dirty or rough surfaces, so I must first start by cleaning the siding and trim thoroughly, allow to dry completely, then sand. Besides removing dirt, I will also scrape any peeling paint in order to create a solid surface.
Repair Rotten Siding: Rotten wood and siding are worthless to paint, because they will just continue to deteriorate. If you have rotten wood or siding on the exterior of your home, I will replace it with new components to ensure I am working on a smooth surface, as well as even paint distribution.
Use Primer: I always follow the age-old painter technique: apply a quality primer, sand, then apply your color coats. While new paint technologies offer products that combine primer and paint into one product, I still believe and apply the same techniques that have allowed me great success in this industry since 1995.

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Exterior Painting Process (Cont.)

Combine Gallons for Uniformity: As with interior painting, I will apply the same boxing method to exterior painting projects as well. Boxing is a fool-proof way to ensure each gallon of paint is an exact match. I will combine multiple gallons of the same color paint into a large re-sealable bucket and stir thoroughly to combine. While today’s mixing processes are much more uniform than in the past, this step is a failsafe measure just in case there was a mistake when the paint was mixed.
Prep the Landscape: Just as I take the time to protect your precious indoor belongings, I will do the same for your outdoor space. I will cover the ground, bushes and vegetation, as well as move and cover outdoor furniture, hoses, grills, etc with drop cloths that are weighed down for extra security.

Professional Exterior Painting Services in the Greater Philadelphia area

Exterior painting projects can take a bit more time than an interior painting job, especially if I need to replace rotten or broken siding. I will do my best to meet exact deadlines that were outlined in our initial proposal. As always, I keep an open line of communication with all my clients and will never leave you in the dark if deadlines need to be slightly changed. If you have an exterior painting project and would like an estimate, call me today!

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