Power washing

Power Washing

Besides interior and exterior painting, I offer power-washing services for your home and/or business. It is not just the inside of your house that needs a little sprucing up after a few years. Exterior siding, patios, walkways, gazebos and just about every other item continuously left outdoors can accumulate a lot of dust, grime and mildew. A professional power-wash is the easiest way to remove several months or years of built-up dirt. The following is a list of items power-washing can restore to their original luster, or just clean off loose dirt and algae as part of proper surface preparation.

Restore your property with professional power washing service

Wood Decks, Gazebos & Trellises: UV Rays, dirt and the weather all play a factor in discoloring your once-beautiful deck. I will bring back the color and shine!
Composite Decking: Durable, yet more affordable, a composite deck can also show years of weather and dirt buildup. I will power-wash & restore it to new!
Patios: While durable and long lasting, patios collect a log of dirt and algae over time.
Cement & Blue Stone Walkways: My concrete power-washing equipment will remove all debris and have your walkway color restored to when it was brand new!
Brick Siding: Power washing will restore the color & vibrancy of your brick siding that has been hiding under a few layers of dirt.
Vinyl Siding: Allow me to make your siding look like new again with a same-day power-wash service!
Wood Fences & Playsets: A good power-wash will gently, yet effectively remove loose dirt and mildew from wood fences and playsets.

Protect your investment with a quality power wash

Like all of my other services, I take the time to meticulously clean and prep before any work is done, ensuring the safety of your home and personal belongings. If I am doing a power-wash for siding of any material, I generally take the following steps. First, I will cover nearby plants with a drop cloth for protection. Then, I will check the siding for mildew and wipe any areas with a bleach solution to kill the bacteria. Finally, I will mix the simple detergent solution and begin power-washing, carefully avoiding all electrical components. All of my products are environmentally safe for plants and animals. When power-washing siding, it is important to always work from the top down and avoid spraying upward, otherwise you run the risk of damaging windows, vents, siding and/or wood. I will follow a similar protocol if I am power-washing other surfaces, depending on the items’ delicacy.

Power Washing Services in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Painting by Neal’s power-washing services are available for homes, office buildings, apartments and various businesses’ throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, the Delaware Valley region and the Greater Philadelphia area, as well as Southern NJ. If you are interested in a power-wash service, give me a call today to discuss pricing, availability and of course I will answer any questions you may have.

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