Sheetrock & Plaster Repair

Sheet Rock & Plaster Repair

I am well-equipped with years of experiencing in handling all types of sheetrock and plaster repairs in both walls and ceilings. Whether the repairs are needed because an electrician cut holes to move a ceiling fan, a light fixture was ripped out of the wall, or there is damaged sheetrock from a water leak, I can and have repaired all of these situations and more! I can also take care of crumbling plaster without having to rip it down. I will set the crumbling plaster in place with special screws and washers then glue a heavy-duty lining over the surface. If you have a small sheetrock repair, or cracking/sagging plaster problem, call me today! You’ll be surprised at how little it costs to make these repairs.

Plaster Repair Process

The following is a brief overview of the steps I follow when repairing a plaster wall.

1. Measure the area of plaster that needs to be repaired.
2. Cut a drywall patch that is slightly larger than the damaged section.
3. Outline the drywall patch against the plaster wall, score the plaster along the outline, pry off the loose plaster then set the drywall patch against the wall and secure it.
4. Cover the seams of the patch with adhesive tape and apply a thing coat of compound
5. Allow compound to dry then sand until smooth – repeat 3 times
6. Finally, finish the wall with 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint.

plaster 1a
plaster 2a

Wood-Lath Plaster Repair Services

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Wood-lath plaster is not very common in modern homes, but if you live in a home built before 1950, I can repair your wood-lath plaster walls without having to rip then down and replace with dry wall. Not many companies out there can repair these types of walls, make sure to do your research and hire a professional such as myself. Wood-lath plaster is made of two basic components: the wood strips that make up the lath and the wet mixture of plaster which creates the wall. The wet plaster is made up of three components: the scratch coat, the brown coat and the putty coat (white coat). Repairing a wood-lath plaster wall takes place in several stages: starting with replacing the damaged wood, then applying the scratch coat and white coat, shaving the white coat, spreading compound, skimming and sanding the compound, and finally (after about 2 coats) priming and painting the new wall.

Professional Sheetrock & Plaster Repair Services

If need sheetrock and plaster repair done in your home or office building, give me a call today. I service most of Eastern Pennsylvania, the Delaware Valley region and the Greater Philadelphia area, along with Southern NJ.

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