Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper Removal

Removing old, stubborn wallpaper is a great way to jumpstart a home renovation project. Bare walls allow you to start fresh and give your house some new life! Until you try to do it yourself and realize what a sticky & messy hassle it is and you find yourself ready to give up with half your wallpaper hanging to the floor. If you’re ready to remove that outdated wallpaper, call a professional to get the job done right in an efficient manner. Wallpaper removal services are available to residential and commercial customers throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, the Delaware Valley region and the Greater Philadelphia area, as well as in South Jersey.

For all of my professional services, but especially for wallpaper removal, prepping and protecting the room and your valuables is most important. I will tape plastic to the baseboards, trim and across the floors ensuring there is an airtight seal. It is best to remove as much furniture from the room as possible, but anything that cannot be taken out will be moved to the center of the room and covered with plastic. Similarly, everything will be removed from the walls and I will seal off the windows. Only after I have made absolutely sure that no water can seep through will I begin the process of removing the wallpaper.

Efficient Wallpaper Removal Services

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It is helpful, but not mandatory, if you can let me know if your wallpaper has no backing or has a bit of shine. This will help me with your estimate and to be better equipped to handle the removal. In my experience, the front sheet of the wallpaper can be pulled off easily, which exposes the backing and glue. After the front sheet has been removed, I will soak the backing with an ultra-concentrated wallpaper stripper and water until the backing falls off under its own weight. After the wallpaper, backing and stripper are removed the walls must completely dry before applying oil primer, which prepares the surface for painting.

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Once the wallpaper has been removed I will completely clean up all residues and materials left behind, and then assess the condition of the drywall. If necessary, I’ll repair all surface imperfections and smooth out the surface. After the walls have been primed, sanded and cleaned, I am ready to paint the room to the color of your choice. All in all, wallpaper removal is a timely job, but well worth it when it comes to revamping your home!

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