Water & Smoke Damage Repair

Water & Smoke Damage Repair

If the unfortunate situation presents itself and you find yourself facing smoke and/or water damage, call me right away for an estimate. You cannot afford to sit around and wait for other companies to call you back; I will answer my phone and be available to help you immediately. The longer the water or smoke/soot lingers, the more damage it is causing – we must act fast! I handle smoke/water damage caused by something as simple as years of smoking, or major damage including fire, flood, roof leak, pipe burst or any similar tragedy. For the quickest and best results call me immediately to get your home or business back to normal.

Water Leak Damage Repair

The most important aspect of fixing the damage caused by a leak is to make sure the leak is fixed and the area is completely dry. Afterwards, I will assess the damage to the sheetrock, plaster or wood and decide if any structural repairs need to be made. If not, I will continue on with priming, plaster or spackle. If I find the sheetrock, plaster or wood is not sound, it must be removed and replaced before the repair and painting can be complete.

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Smoke and Fire Damage Repair

Smoke and fire damage repair is a bit more challenging than water leak repair, but it is nothing that I have not successfully handled many times throughout my 20+ years in the industry. One of the toughest challenges is to cover stains caused by smoke, soot or nicotine, because the stain or odor has the tendency to bleed through the paint. While a miracle paint has not been invented yet, there are many industry tricks I’ve picked up over the years to get your interior looking like new! The most effective trick to paint over smoke or fire damage is to remove and block the stains/odor before painting.

Smoke and Fire Damage Repair Process

First, I will start by dry cleaning, which is a process that uses natural vulcanized rubber sponges to absorb the bulk of the soot or stain without smearing. If necessary, I will do a 2nd wet-cleaning with a highly-effective, industry-standard cleaning solution to fully remove any remaining stains or soot. Once the 2nd wet cleaning is completely dry, I will prime the affected areas with an oil-based stain-blocking primer to ensure the stains do not bleed through. Finally, when all three steps are complete, I will begin painting in your desired color!

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If you are in need of water or smoke damage repair, please give me a call so I can get your home or office back to pristine conditions right away. I service most of Eastern Pennsylvania, the Delaware Valley region and the Greater Philadelphia area, along with Southern NJ.

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