Wood Refinishing

Wood Refinishing

In my 20+ years as a master painter, I have spent a lot of time crafting and honing the art of wood refinishing. When done properly, refinishing can bring back the life and beauty of the wood’s original charm. There are many different techniques in refinishing wood and each job should be carefully inspected to see what method is right for the specific job at hand. I have had experience refinishing kitchen cabinets, tables, stairs, furniture, garage doors, house trim (interior and exterior), among many other items. If you have any of the previously mentioned items that you would love to see restored to its original character, please give me a call today.

Wood Stripping and Refinishing Techniques

Apply Stripper: On small projects, I prefer to use aerosol spray paint stripper, purely because of the convenience. Spray paint stripper is easy to control, won’t spill or make a mess. After I spray the stripper evenly over the wooden surface, within 5 to 10 minutes you’ll see the old finish start to lift.
Remove Old Finish: Once the old finish has lifted, I’ll use a scraper tool to completely remove it. I may have to do the repeat the process twice if the majority of the old lift doesn’t come off in one try.
Clean with Mineral Spirits: Once the stripping process is done and the wood is completely dry, I will wipe the surface with mineral spirits to ensure all of the residual stripper has been removed. The mineral spirits must completely dry before moving onto sanding.
Sand Smooth: To remove any last bits of old finish, I will begin the sanding process. First, I will use a palm sander with medium-grit sandpaper until I reach bare wood. After, I will switch to fine sandpaper until the entire wood piece is uniform. Finally, the entire surface needs to be wiped down with a tack cloth to ensure there is no leftover dust from sanding. Which is crucial for the next step: staining.

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Wood Staining and Refinishing Techniques

Apply Stain: I will apply the stain of your choice using a staining pad and applying to the wood surface using long, even strokes.
Remove Excess Stain: After the stain has been applied, I will gently wipe away the excess. Similar to the first two steps, applying stain and removing the excess process will be repeated multiple times until your desired color is achieved. However, after 2 coats, I will allow the stain to completely dry so you can gauge whether or not to keep adding.
Apply Clear Coat: Once the last coat of stain is dry, I will apply an oil-based clear coat as the final layer. The clear coat provides a brilliant sheen, as well as protection. After the first coat is dry I will sand down the surface before applying the final layer of clear coat. This method ensures a smooth surface and absolutely no imperfections.

Professional Wood Staining & Refinishing

Finally, your wood piece will sit in a warm, dry and well-ventilated space for at least 24 hours. Allow me to give your old, worn-down furniture new life! No need to waste money on furniture, restore what you have and give your home some great character.

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